Steinway & Sons Model B, New York

Most people have heard of Steinway & Sons.  Steinway is the premium American made piano brand.  Steinway & Sons was started in 1853 by an immigrant instrument-maker named Heinrich Steinweg, who first built pianos in his kitchen in Germany, on Park Avenue, Manhattan, New York.  The Steinway family created an empire that would stand strong through two world wars, two depressions, two factories, two centuries and hold over 100 patents in piano construction.  So what makes a Steinway so great?

The first model Heinrich built under the Steinway name was the model A.  The second, a model B, the third a model C, and finally, the D.  In the media, we usually see the model D played by professional Steinway & Sons artists.  The C is no longer produced, so that leaves the B as the most obtainable instrument.  The Model B is 6' 11" or 211 cm and fits perfectly in recording studios, on small concert stages, and in some homes.  It's a mysterious and versatile instrument.

Steinway & Sons model B invites you to play with no added pressure from a larger instrument.  The first time musicians sit at a 9 foot concert grand, they report feeling intimidated by the need to perform perfectly.  This may be an accurate expectation, but leaves me with a feeling of 1984.  Everything in it's right place, someone is always watching you.  The B is like the cool younger cousin you can go to let out your feelings.  It sings with you, can stretch you to your breaking point, and will bring you back down.

Typically, when a Steinway is reviewed, people use words like "brilliant, rich, powerful," and my favorite "it sings and sings and sings."  These words are useful, and mostly accurate, but I believe they are irrelevant when you are creating music.  After all, they are just objective adjectives.  How does the piano make you feel?  The instrument should make you want to keep playing, and listening, and making more music.  A Steinway will allow you to passionately create any way you want, without limitations.  Whether you are playing for yourself, for a digital audience, or for a live concert hall, a Steinway & Sons piano will give you that confidence without compromise.

Consumers looking to buy a Steinway & Sons B or D make an appointment and are invited to the selection room at Steinway's factory in Astoria, New York, which has stood since the 1870's.  Four instruments are set out to play, one at a time, and either dismissed or accepted, as no two Steinways are alike.  Combined, both Steinway, Hamburg and Steinway, NY produce almost 3,000 instruments, and take over a year to build.  Buying just one will provide you a lifetime of happiness.