Play Me, I'm Yours

I'm excited to anounce that this year I am working with Celebrity Series of Boston again in their production of Play Me, I'm Yours, an active art installation.  We will place 60 decorated pianos out in public for anyone to play and enjoy!  Artists and groups from the different neighborhoods of Boston and Cambridge will be representing their city as they paint and decorate a piano. 

We started months ago with the idea, and I have been working with wholesalers across the country and individual donors around the state to collect 60 unused upright pianos and give them new life.  Months of hard work came together in just over 2 days when our blank warehouse space was suddenly filled with more than 60 vintage instruments!  There is nothing like the first day of this installation; the dust hardly has time to settle before work begins, tuning and preparing the pianos for public performances.

All of the pianos are tuned and repairs are made, and then our local artists will have one month to complete their vision.  Pianos will be transformed into butterflies, or airplanes, or puppet stages, all for the good of public art. 

Play Me, I'm Yours will take place in Boston from September 23 until October 10, 2016.  For more info visit or   

I look forward to shared pictures with the hashtag #streetpianosboston and to answer your question, if it rains, the pianos are all equipt with a rain tarp.  So if it starts to rain and you see a piano out and open, just unroll that rain deflector!!