We perform regular maintenance on your piano to keep it working properly and playing the way it was meant to. Some annual upkeep can be made in less than 15 minutes, including tightening the pedal system, dusting out the action, cleaning moving parts, and tightening screws. If you have ever seen behind the key cover, you know a piano is more intricate than that.


Silver Package



The Silver Package is best for a recently purchased new Yamaha piano or a piano that has been tuned and serviced within six months. Included is a fine tuning, which will take approximately 1 hour, and an additional 30 minutes to check over the basic functions of the action. We properly tighten the lyre on a grand piano, adjust the pedals and damper mechanism, adjust the height of the action mechanism, and take the steps of regulation to make the key touch consistent. Finally, we clean and polish the case of your piano.


Gold Package



The Gold Package is best for a modern piano that has already received the Silver Package. Included is a complete fine tuning and up to 2 hours to make action and key adjustments. We check all of the steps from the Silver package and correct anything that has changed.  The next steps of regulation are taken and refined to give you a crisp and responsive key feeling, which will allow you to play with great control. Finally, we clean and polish the case of your piano.


Platinum Package



The Platinum Package is both the Silver Package and the Gold Package combined. Included is a complete fine tuning and 3.5 hours to take an under-performing Yamaha Grand Piano to the level of a finely tuned concert instrument. After completing regulation and voice projection to the highest standards, your piano will sound and feel like it never has before! This package is for artists and families who deeply care about how their piano performs, and demand the most responsive results from their instrument. And of course, when finished, we clean and polish the case of your piano.


Regulating the action is important. Over time, the parts become mis-aligned, move incorrectly, and feel sluggish. If your piano is played a lot, this happens more quickly. Even if you don't play your piano often, fluctuations in humidity can result in changes in the feel of the keys. Regulation and fine tuning will make every key play and feel like the day it left the factory. We have experience in the latest training from Yamaha, and offer expert services for new Yamaha piano owners.