Tuning is all about you and your piano! Your instrument may be played once a day, or once a year. Either way, pianos require regular maintenance. On average, our clients have their pianos tuned twice each year. If this is your first tuning with us, an accurate recommendation can be made after the second appointment based on humidity and stability of the previous tuning.  


Standard Tuning



Standard musical pitch is A440, measured at the A above middle C.  Since the seasons in Boston vary from humid summers to very dry winters, and a piano is built from wood that changes with humidity, the pitch may rise or fall with the seasons.  We recognize that changing the pitch every six months may destabilize the piano at each visit.  If the pitch is very close, making minor adjustments will provide you with a more musical tuning throughout the year.


Pitch Correction



When a piano is very flat, the piano's string tension is too low.  A rough tuning is required to bring the whole instrument up to the correct tension.  Once at pitch, it is possible to fine tune the piano properly.  Both tunings are completed at the same visit, although a follow up tuning may be necessary within three months.


The Fixer-Upper



While no one wants to admit it, sometimes chores get away from us. If you have a tall, old, dirty piano that hasn't been tuned in a few years, or maybe a few decades, this is the package you're looking for. Just tell us what condition you think the piano is in, including broken parts and notes that don't work, upright or grand piano, and we'll get you back on track and doing what you love, playing piano! This may include two tunings, a surface cleaning with our HEPA-filter vacuum, and up to 30 minutes of fixing all the rough stuff. If it needs more at the first visit, we'll let you know!


Institutional Services



Did you know we also service private schools and public school districts? The approach is the same, but efficiency is key to get the pianos needs taken care of. Services include basic tuning, fine regulation, and tone adjustment. Consultations for inventory management are available so your students always have the best instruments available to them.